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SMT/THT Assembly

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SMT/THT Assembly. We’ll manufacture electronics for you

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Surface-Mount Technology

Pads in every shape. Forget about templates.

With SMT, the paste can cover pads in any desired shape or thickness. Thanks to our printer, you can forget about complex and expensive templates. Since templates are not used at all, production can be started faster and PCB designs can be easily and frequently modified.

No more gaps or cold solder joints

After placement, the PCBs are moved to a vapour phase oven from a German company Asscon. Soldering in condensed vapour eliminates the risk of gaps or cold solder joints.

For reflow soldering, we use a reflow oven from an American company Heller. The oven is adapted for soldering in nitrogen vapour.

Experienced specialists

State-of-the-art machinery

Precision and quality

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MY 100DX14

This automatic component placement machine works in a pick & place principle and puts SMD electronic parts on PCBs. The machine has an internal visual check system to monitor the placement on the fly. An additional advantage is the RCD test system for resistance, capacitance, etc.

  • The maximum PCB size: 508 × 575 mm
  • Real capacity: 32,000 cph acc. to IPC
  • Size of mounted components: from 01005 to QFN, BGA, PLCC
  • Components can be picked from reels, sticks or trays (a magazine for 32 trays)
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Through-Hole Technology

Take advantage of the knowledge, experience and commitment of our specialists.

The products are mounted in accordance with IPC-A-610D, IPC-7711/7721 and ESD standards. Additionally, in-process checks, like application of the paste, placement of the parts, ensure the high quality of our services.

Our surface mounting specialists can additionally perform the following services for you:

  • engineering support for SMT and THT processes
  • double-sided mounting of SMD, THR and THT parts
  • lead or lead-free soldering
  • professional soldering in a vapour phase or convection oven
  • mounting own or supplied parts
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The THT mounting is performed by our extensive team of qualified and experienced specialists.

Repeatability and precision

Quality control systems

Quality guarantee

Machinery from market leaders

Our services are comprehensive

If you work with us, we can perform several different services for you.

Apart from ordering SMD placement, do you need other services,
like THT placement or CNC machining? Contact us!

Our comprehensive services will bring great benefits to you and your company.

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Increase your revenue
with better efficiency and state-of-the-art technology

Leave it to us

We manage the whole process to deliver the final product to you.


Purchase of materials

Our purchasing department will deliver the best quality materials necessary for manufacturing.


Manufacturing and assembly

Thanks to our experience, we perfected our manufacturing, while the introduction of many suitable procedures allows us to optimise the whole process.



With adequate storage base, we can store the finished products for a short time.



We carefully secure, pack and ship the finished product to your address.

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